Terms & Conditions

All prices quoted on playground equipment exclude VAT (charged at the prevailing rate) and are valid for a period of 30 days from the
quote date.

Playground equipment availability is upon request.

The customer should at all times maintain a responsible attitude towards the continued management of the playground equipment with
respect to the on-going inspection of the equipment in line with recommendations outlined by the British Standards Institute, the HSE,
Rospa, Insurers and any other body who have advised on day to day monitoring of play equipment which has been installed on a
permanent basis. Any faults or defects should be reported to the company at once, and equipment should be put out of commission
until faults have been rectified by the company. Upon completion of your project, Massey and Harris (Engineering) Limited shall issue
Operations and Maintenance Manual which must be read, understood and put into operation to comply with BS EN 1176 &1177.