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Massey and Harris have maintained a continuous presence in the industry as a privately owned independent manufacturer, sourcing and producing an all British Product for over 70 years. Our customers are drawn from local councils, schools and public bodies throughout the UK.

Recent technical and design developments coupled with an increasing international interest in our product has led to further investment in machinery to ensure that Massey and Harris stays at the forefront of manufacturing.


Our vision is to provide high quality innovative design, production, installation and maintenance of playground solutions that will provide the creative stimulus for active play across all age ranges and environments.
Massey & Harris

As a result installation costs can be kept to a minimum. Many of our designs have been generated from requests to supply a bespoke piece of equipment to a council and once achieved we can adapt and develop those original concepts.

We seek to stimulate children of all ages, from toddler to teenager. The need to provide equipment which is physically demanding and exciting is of great importance to us.

Challenging mind and body, to develop coordination, self confidence and fitness is a singular aim with a hope of producing healthier and more positive youngsters.

An additional feature of our operation has been to work with a number of international Sculptors in producing mechanisms on which their work can be mounted and displayed.

All equipment  is designed to meet BS EN 1176 and our planning and playground layouts with Safety surfacing meet BS EN 1177