Nessie Swing Set for Stockeld Park

 Initially we were asked to look at designing a large Cantilever swing, but once Stockeld Park were aware that we could design and manufacture all three swings together, they commissioned us to manufacture "The Nessie Swing Set".

Larger diameter steel section was used for the Arch and Cantilever Swings along with our own steel universal joints to allow 1.2m and 1.0m diameter nest seats to be fitted.  The galvanised beams were then powdercoated and set to site where the head was created by their own artist and the finishing touches applied with green spots and scales.

Football inspired equipment

The National Football museum has recently opened in Manchester city centre and after a significant period of consultation, Manchester CC decided to proceed with the design and installation of a city centre play area.

Massey & Harris were chosen from the five play equipment manufacturers to complete the project after designing some bespoke football inspired equipment including a football roundabout, football springies and whistle talk tubes.

Massey & Harris Spinning Stainless Spheres

Massey & Harris are pleased to launch their new Spinning Stainless Steel Spheres...

Designed initially as a bespoke item, we have now added the Stainless Steel Spinning Spheres to our product range.

Coming in a range of 3 sizes this new addition is designed to challenge and entertain children and adults whilst looking great in any environment.

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New Springie Designs

Massey & Harris are pleased to add 4 new springie designs to their range!

Lion and Elephant Sit-On springies and Sports Car and Plane Sit-In springies are now avaiilable.

Manufactured in tough HDPE these springies are made to last and are available in a wide range of colours.

If you can't find the Springie design your looking for we are able to design bespoke springies to suit your needs.

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Bespoke Wooden Walled Roundabout

Massey & Harris have supplied a brand new bespoke product...

The 2.2m disabled access walled roundabout is designed to allow disabled and able bodied children the opportunity to play together in a comfortable, safe environment.  

Made from PAR FSC Certified hardwood, the roundabout is a high quality, tactile alternative to the standard wheelchair accessible roundabout.

It offers sensory, social and co-ordination activities.

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